There is no right or wrong system – my attempts to be more productive

In the moments when you are dealing  with changes it seems that your life goes upside down.

Settling in a new place and a new love in my life have created a bit of chaos in my day-to-day routine. New experiences completely took over everyday duties and all my intentions to write a new book daily and working on developing my coaching business were happily pushed aside.

That’s why I needed some sort of structure to become more productive. There are many recommendations about self-discipline, creating and sticking to to-do list, dividing tasks into urgent and important etc.

Obviously they bring brilliant results but not for me, because knowing what should be done and doing it are completely different things. As they say “… knowing the path and walking the path are completely different things…”

Everything that requires self-discipline creates a lot of resistance in me and every time I try to find excuses why I can’t follow my to-do list and, when I can’t come up with any meaningful reasons I end up having terrible headaches which allows me to do nothing and not feeling guilty about it.


Has being ill helped you to avoid something unpleasant in your life?


Last Sunday I decided to become supper efficient and create a list of actions for the week ahead and make sure that I will avoid all time wasters and stick to the plan.


Do you know how I spent my Sunday? – slept like groundhog during winter time for the whole day.


Well, I realised that self-discipline is not my thing; I want “easily and effortlessly”.  I made an experiment for a week to listen to myself and do things suggested by my intuition.


NB – you can do it when you have learn to distinct the voice of Your Higher Self from your ego that tries to sabotage you.


I created so-called “Focus List” as a reminder, as there are some things you are bound to be doing like submitting papers to government institutions etc.


Monday went superb, managed to be super-efficient without a sweat. Even mundane paper work was done quickly and effortlessly. Creation of a new blog post took less time than usual. I even managed to be a good Mum and had dinner with my son and talked about his issues and I could be fully present for him.


Tuesday was devoted to friends and loved ones. Finding time for friends seems tough taking into consideration your and their business commitments. I managed to meet up with a friend for a drink and watching football match together, and later headed for a date with my boyfriend. While he was recording his song in his studio I was listening and enjoying music and at the same time I was writing a book review, as the result leisure and work was combined perfectly.

Some notes here:

it’s very easy to succumb to business needs and being busy in general, so create a separate time which you devote only to your loved ones, being fully present for either your child, parent, friend or partner; 30 minutes of full presence is more valuable than doing your own stuff in each other’s presence for 3 hours.

By Wednesday I felt tired of being efficient, even cooking which is my passion was done mechanically only because “kids need to eat something” according to my 16 year old daughter who has suddenly found appreciation for my cooking skills. I miss those days when she tried to prove that she cooks better than me and every day I was met with a new dish.

When you feel tired or stuck, pause and listen to yourself, look around and find the reason for your current conditions. It took me 5 minutes to realise that still unpacked boxes in my room drain my energy and block creativity.

Within 2 hours my room was revamped and it gave me a new kick of energy.

My week ended in creating delicious roasted duck salad which I never tried before, the trickiest part was to cut carrots and celery into matchstick size.


Conclusions (which might be obvious)

there is no 100% right or wrong time management system, it either works for you or not, some parts may be applicable for you, some not. Even when it is written by a self-development guru.

You are a unique human being, so if you can’t follow one particular system it’s not because you are bad at time management, you haven’t adjusted the system to your needs yet.

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11 thoughts on “There is no right or wrong system – my attempts to be more productive

  1. Denise Hughes

    Thanks Inga for your blog. Your writing made me reflect on the systems that create order in my life…a paper calendar where I can write, erase, change appointments rather than an electronic device…hand written lists work for me…as well as a clean, non-cluttered environment. These are the systems that made me most productive! Thanks!

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      Thanks Denise for your comment. I also prefer hand written notes, even when I write a blog it’s easier for me to write it on paper first and then retype on the website.

  2. Melanie

    I am a big believer that everyone has different approaches on what they need to do to be productive.

    I need a deadline and someone to be accountable to. The deadline is told to my client, so I have to meet it.

    Other deadlines, like working on my wedding brochure, I have my husband to hold me accountable.
    Some people find this weird, but it actually is the only thing that works for me.

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      thanks Melanie for sharing, it’s great when our family supports us

  3. Julie Geigle

    Productivity seems to elude me during the summer. I think it’s because my daughter is home from school but I think it has more to do with being a teacher for 10 years and having summers off. It’s hard to break out of that leisure routine. I don’t market as much during the summer so I can enjoy my daughter more and the sunshine but there are many days where I just don’t feel like doing anything but lounging in the sun with a good book. Glad I don’t live in a sunny state year round (wisconsin) I don’t think I’d ever get anything done. lol

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      I can relate Julie, I used to be a teacher as well. We are lucky with weather in London, raining most of the time no distraction to the sunshine

  4. Kim Bloom

    I absolutely love this post. My boyfriend who I’m absolutely head over heels in love with, has completely different ways of getting things done than I do. Of course, being the perfectionist that I am…I sometimes tend to give out advice on how should do things because ‘my way is better.’ This was a GREAT reminder that my way is my way and may not work for everyone else.

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      Thanks Kim, I find myself suggesting my boyfriend that if you don’t want something doing it is the sign that you should do it. According to him I turned to be right and he was grateful that I “pushed” him a little

  5. Karen Ribeiro

    I love your comment “by Wednesday I was tired of being efficient!” Don’t we all try too hard to be productive? Being a parent (and being apparent!) is SO productive yet people often don’t give themselves enough credit for non-economically measured activities. It’s all about learning how to be in and stay in the flow.

  6. Bri Saussy

    Inga-I love this and you are so right. There is no one system-staying in the flow is something I have learned so much about since having a child. As soon as I find a routine that works my baby boy changes, develops some new amazing ability, and everything goes back to square one!

  7. Jessica

    I’m SO glad to read this! After trying (and failing at, mostly) so many of the “expert” ways of doing things, I figured I was a lost cause — that no system or amount of discipline would help. But now I see that maybe these things just aren’t working for me….and I should keep trying! Lovely post — thank you!


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