Have you made 2012 the best year yet?‏

Have you noticed that the first half of the year has gone? Time flies.

How about your intentions to have it the best year yet?

Beginning of July is the perfect time to reflect on where you are standing regarding your dreams and goals.

There are different systems how to set up goals and achieve them. Try several of them and choose which one is the most suitable for you, or even better you can mix and match from different systems and create your own.

Even though experts offer tried and tested principles that successfully worked for many people, the only expert on you is YOU!

There are some core common principles for goal setting:

they should be stated in the present tense, positive and personal.

I’ve described them in more detail in my blog post “Goals vs To-Do List”.

Many experts agree that goals should be realistic. It makes a lot of sense as otherwise you would be discouraged to take actions. Believing in the result is one of the per-requisites for goal accomplishments.

However  personally I had great fun when participated in Michael’s Neill programme “Creating The Impossible in 30 Days” few years ago.

In brief, this programme encouraged you to skip “achievable” and “realistic” parts in goal setting. The essence of this approach is that you choose a goal to be accomplished within 30 days. You pick the goal which is at least 50% impossible to achieve but you would be happy if you did.

You know that most likely you won’t reach your target and you give yourself a permission to fail.

The main thing is that you take actions to do your best to make it possible. When you are not attached to a result you liberate yourself in your choice of actions.

I’ve discovered for myself recently that treating everything as a game and don’t get attached to the result is one of the ways to create miracles.

On the way to your goals you are having fun and don’t get emotionally attached to the desired outcome because the reality can turn out to be even more magnificent than you could imagine.

I also like the approach where you work on your goal(s) daily for 30 days. Showing up for your goal every day is not easy but when you know that there is a finish line and after that you can take a break and chill out it gives you additional energetic boost to accomplish your goals.

Taking a tiny but consistent action gets you to the result in a shorter period of time than having bold actions from time to time.

What would be your goal for the next 30 days?

If you have any questions regarding goal setting please email me at motivation@ingadeksne.co.uk

How is 2012 looking for you?

What is your biggest accomplishment this year so far?


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19 thoughts on “Have you made 2012 the best year yet?‏

  1. Karen Ribeiro

    I too am big on goals (certainly a common bond among life coaches!) and many of mine are not “realistic” but I keep the candle burning for them.
    Your reminder to give oneself permission to fail is wonderful – especially for people who struggle with perfectionism.

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      Thanks Karen! You are absolutely right setting goals is one of coaches’ thing :) I think impossible goals are the best ones :)

  2. amy zellmer

    My biggest accomplishment this year so far has been making it thru this year! I have had some MAJOR obstacles nad hurdles that I have encountered, but I have made it thru them and am on the other side now!! I am in a happy peaceful place, and have learned a LOT from my life lessons!!

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      Congratulations Amy! very often hurdles are given to makes us stronger and give us possibility to help others to overcome hardships in their lives.

  3. Michele Bergh

    Great post on goals. I love the part of giving ourselves permission to fail. I often find, when setting a goal, I get closer to that goal than I would have if I hadn’t set the goal. It isn’t always about setting a “goal” that has to be met and, if it isn’t, we are a failure. I think it’s about being mindful of where we want to be, what it will take to get there, tracking our progress and paying attention to what is working and what isn’t.

  4. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

    Thanks Michele, you are right goals are useful to set the desired direction and when our intentions have changed our goals aligns to them.

  5. Hilary Parry

    My new years resolutions are chronicled on my site, but your post allows to me revisit them and see how I’m doing!

    • A better meditation practice, of at least five minutes every day [working on it!]
    • Eliminate my feelings of being a likely candidate for the TV show Hoarders by picking a section of my home each day to clean; and establishing places where my belongings “live” (such as keys in the tray on the entrance hall table) and putting my belongings BACK in their “homes” [amazingly enough, this is done!]
    • Juicier content in my tarot blog [absolutely!]
    • More YouTube videos with fabulous tarot content [working on it, not quite there yet with only 2 videos total under my belt]
    • Be more punctual. I’m super-punctual for my tarot clients, but not so punctual for everything else. Trust me. Ask around. I’m notorious for being late, even to dinner. [Uh... not so much ;) ]
    • Better diet and exercise, specifically less red meat. Really. And I love red meat, but I know it’s not good for me. [I have a personal trainer, and I'm eating much better, though I will occasionally splurge]
    • Get engaged. [not quite under my control, but I believe it will happen by the end of August]
    • More “drive-by” readings on my official facebook page. [heck yeah, and everyone loves them]
    • Less drama.Not sure how I’ll accomplish this, but I’ll get back to you if I figure it out.
    • Claim the psychic mantle. Stop fearing the dreaded P word. [Yup, I'm a psychic, and proud!]
    • Not allowing myself to complain unless I also provide a possible solution to the problem [some days this is hard!]

    Thank you for this post to allow me to check in on my goals!

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      Thanks Hilary for sharing. It’s looking great!
      I like your drive-by readings on FB page and enjoy reading your blog.

      Looking forward to hearing news in August x

  6. Tracey Ceurvels

    Thank you, Michelle, for this reminder! I know I’ve made some goals and then they get lost in the shuffle. What works for me is having 3-4 goals per month as a reminder and then breaking those down into each day.

  7. Meg

    An ‘impossible’ goal in 30days. Love it.
    1) 10 paying clients
    2) 1 ebook written
    3) Video series

    And to do this all in a calm nurturing way that brings light and love into the world (ze most important goal for me)

  8. Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Love turning the goal setting on its head.. and treating it like a game but with lots of focus.. sounds way more fun than the usual way. I think sometimes we don’t take our goals seriously or even our needs seriously. Before I set another goal, I want to make sure it’s something I really want, really believe is essential enough to put focus and attention to.

    Love to you,
    Simple Sacred Solutions For Living Beautifully In Your Body

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      Thanks. Agree with you Lisa, we need clarity of what we want to achieve before we are setting a goal. Love to you.

  9. Teresa

    I love this line: “Even though experts offer tried and tested principles that successfully worked for many people, the only expert on you is YOU!”

    Because it is oh-so-true!

    I don’t have a formal process for setting my goals, mostly because I’ve spent too much of my life in a rigid, planned mentality and I need my creativity to have its own wings now.

    That said, I get a lot done and I have the big larger goals in mind…

    1. Poetic accompaniment to the Gratitude Tarot written & published
    2. Offer readings on my site
    3+ the boxed set, next book(s) and course
    x. TED talk

    I’ve done a tremendous amount on the site and written 86.1% of the poems, so I think I’m working towards my goals well. Within 30 days I’d like to have 2. available and the firm timeline and plan for publication of 1. figured out. And that’s about as formal as I’m going to make it.

    Hugs and butterflies,

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      Thanks Teresa for sharing, TED talk sounds especially terrific, love it. I’m very tempted to try out Tarot reading.

  10. Jessica

    Love the idea of detaching from the results of your goal — that’s what yoga does for me. It’s not about not trying, it’s about trying and still being ok with whatever the result is. And you’re so right: it’s often WAY better than I imagined!

    1. Inga Deksne - Motivational Life Coach Post author

      Isn’t it terrific, Jessica, when we get better results than we expected? Life is so beautiful :)

  11. Julie Geigle

    My goal this year that I’ve accomplished was starting an online spiritual book club. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it and the response I’ve gotten from people. It’s been so exciting to set a goal and achieve it with success!


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